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; Action Duo: With his batterymate Sawamura Eijun. What kind of flower will bloom in the future is up to you." Bakamura (by teammates) Getting riled up from the battle of spirit going on Sawamura pitches a dead ball walking Miyagawa to first base. [29], Perhaps Sawamura's most noticable weakness. Kawakami and Yui battery comes in to relief and despite ceding 1 run, they closed out the game for a win. In his 2nd year, Sawamura is capable of varying his runner pick-off patterns and increasing the pace of his slide-step which improves his synergy with Miyuki, allowing the later to pick-off a stealing runner easier.[33]. [24] Kataoka wanted to sub Sawamura in the next inning but Sawamura expresses his desire to continue pitching. The rest of the third years struggle to perfectly hit Sawamura's outside pitch and the game ends in a tie. Umemiya hits the pitch and the ball bounces to Sawamura's glove. On the stands, Sawamura sat away from the rest of the team to watch the game on his own. During the scrimmage against the third years, Sawamura finds out about Kataoka's resignation. Right at the start Yura's 1st batter pulls a safety bunt, but Sawamura gets the ball (before Kanemaru) and throws to 1st; but its' a wild throw and the runner gets on base. Sawamura was given the responsibility of starting and lead the non-regular members in the match vs. Seihou High, a Koshien powerhouse from Aichi Pref. Sawamura scores a strike with Number 7, the Cutter Kai, and receives much attention from Ichidai's Ace, Amahisa. Miyuki then calls for an inside pitch but Sawamura hits the batter, resulting in an unstable performance. After facing some difficulties, Sawamura's teammates try to loosen him up by telling him that they are starting to acknowledge his abilities Sawamura is flattered. Who scouted Sawamura? That flower is small for now, but very strong. Sawamura understands the message and starts pitching to Miyuki's mitt. Then comes Sawamura taking his bunting stance and after fouling the first out he manages to stop it's momentum and make it roll. When Sawamura had the yips, Kanemaru was the first one to ask Chris to help Sawamura, implying he was worried about him. At times, hefills in as Sawamura's grandfather Eitoku, becoming Eijun's on-campus reality check when it comes to helping him put his feelings in perspective. The series is listed for 52 episodes. Bottom of the 5th, Seidou's righties outright ignore the outside slider and instead target the inside corner. During Eijun's running punishment for being tardy on his first day, Kuramochi helped him understand that he's not the only one suffering. Chris tells him that if Sawamura can't pitch to the inside then he doesn't have to, but encourages him to learn throwing low and away instead. Sawamura's cutter has a sharp breaking motion when coming close to the plate. Bottom on the seventh, Sawamura's energy making the rest of the team wanting to answer in kind the batters step up to the plate with strengthened resolve. 20 for the Summer Tournament, and later on No. Sawamura greets Raichi with an inside fastball which jammed Raichi but the batter still managed to hit left field. He has a habit of saying things bluntly and often praises either Furuya or Eijun, causing them to compete against each other frequently. Feinting a bunt squeeze with Toujou on 3rd, Sawamura then takes a hard swing on the first pitch and despite being jammed, he yanked the ball to the left line. Sawamura has to form a battery with Takigawa Chris Yuu, while Furuya teams up with Miyuki. [35] Sawamura's pitching form makes it difficult for batters to correctly time their swing while it also makes his pitch seem deceptively faster than it actually is. Back at Seidou, Sawamura practices with the net, while Furuya is running nearby. In Act II, he becomes Seidou's ace in his second year by the start of the Summer Regional Tournament. Ace of Diamond has been a long and tumultuous road for main character and pitcher Eijun Sawamura. -, "His attitude of moving forward is his best weapon." [47] This pitch is thrown with an alternated cutter's grip and the Cross-step technique which Sawamura used to throw the cutter. Sawamura Eijun is a Ray of Sunshine Protective Chris Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence Alternate Universe - Reincarnation Boys Kissing Shit ton of it Regret is a strong emotion. With their success and deep run in the Fall Season, Seidou was seeded for the Tournament and was bypassed to the 3rd round. When it is his turn to pitch he gets to face Chris. After the match, Sawamura finally sees his old Junior High team again who came to cheer for him. Failing the challenge, Sawamura was not allowed to participate in practice as promised. Sawamura walked the next batter creating the first crisis Seidou faced in the match. A cutter thrown for the second pitch and it's fouled. Sawamura throws a changeup for the first pitch and Miyagawa, the third batter, lets it pass and it counts as a strike. Born in the Kanagawa Prefecture, he is a very calm and quiet person, often acting as tsukkomi to Sawamura Eijun's boke. [38] During the training camp before the Summer Tournament, Sawamura's velocity was measured to be 138 km/h. Kataoka however, shut down Ochiai's suggestion stating that Sawamura has been the person pulling Seidou's team while Furuya was out of shape which the whole team should recognize. Miyuki apologizes to Sawamura for the wrong lead but Sawamura is shaken and throws four balls, prompting Kataoka to sub him out with Kawakami. He was very bad at batting and was almost hit-less during the first year of his high school career. Did Sawamura become ace? Does Sawamura become captain? 18 at the start of the Fall Tournament. Is the pitcher pretending to pitch, with one or more runners on base, when he has no intention of doing so an umpire may call a balk. During the weekday following the training camp, the coaches discuss who should be entrusted with the Ace number and despite recognizing Sawamura's stellar and consistent performances, Ochiai suggests Furuya should be entrusted with the Ace number instead as he believes stripping Furuya off his former title may prevent his future growth meanwhile arguing that Sawamura is a man who can grow under extreme pressure. Hongou however was the more consistent pitcher and he delivered Seidou a complete shutout game with Komadai winning 2 - 0 over Seidou. Originally, Sawamura was quite boastful; however, after learning it the hard way through the defeat to Inajitsu and the yips period, he became aware of his own standing within the team and understood that it was necessary to place the team's priority over his own. 18 at the start of the Fall Tournament. Tachi tells Sawamura, Haruichi and Furuya that watching them play reminded him of his old days, then tells them to work hard. Due to the lack of proper baseball knowledge earlier in his career, Sawamura did not know about pitching grips and used to grip the ball randomly producing erratic fastball pitches. Seidou is eliminated and failed to qualify for the Kantou Tournament. He runs into Miyuki who is also late. As he gains experience through time, and due to the fact that he has been subbed into many difficult situations as a relief pitcher, Sawamura has learned how to maintain consistent focus and has become very capable of handling critical situations. All together, Ace of Diamond has had 174 episodes across its three seasons. At 1 out, runner on 1st and 3rd, Sawamura overwhelms the 5th batter with his fastball resulting in a blooper straight to Asou's location. Sawamura throws to the outer edge for the first pitch giving Miyuki goosebumps. He also arranged a meeting with Miyuki to discuss about game calling which ended up becoming a group meeting for all pitchers and catchers within the team. Sawamura has a habit of throwing to check the runner rather excessively before he pitches whenever he sees the lead of the runner is too big. He was then switched out with Kawakami, who closed the game. Sawamura's strengths are his infallible spirit, bunting, infield defense, and his idiosyncratic pitches. The first season aired in 2013; the second season aired in 2015, and the third season aired in 2019. Kawakami has said that it's probably because he's not afraid of the pitch that he's so good at it. I feel like I saw a true ace. Episode 52 of Season 3 will air on March 31, 2020. Sawamura jams the next batter, getting out of the pinch. Furuya, however, could not control his breaking pitches; as a result, he walked many runners throughout the game and Miyuki had to repeatedly fall back to use his straight fastballs. In Ace of Diamond: Act II, things finally seem to be turning around for him.Ever since he stepped foot onto the fields of Seido as a first-year, his dream has always been to become the ace and lead his team to the National High School Baseball Championship and become champions. With this, Sawamura shows his potential to be the ace for the first time. Back to Miyagama, the Seidou battery brings back the count to 1-2 yet again however the fourth pitch is hit and a fielding error by Seidou's first baseman Miyagama reaches second. Furuya goes to the mound and asks for the ball, saying that there's no need for two pitchers on the mound. 11; meanwhile Sawamura, who was walking right by him, has Seidou's jersey No. In the bottom of the inning, after Masashi and Kanemaru didn't get on base, Sawamura gets riled up for his at bat and - although he makes an unnecessarily dangerous base run whilst sliding to first - also gets retired. Up next is Ichidais captain, Adachi. Sawamura's pitching form surprise the batters. After performing good and receiving praise from Kataoka, the game is put into a temporary halt due to the rain. Rei says they'll need Furuya to win the Summer, calling him the "ace" until Tanba's return, shocking Sawamura. Tanba gives the ball to Sawamura and says that he's the ace now. Rei says that the way he pumped up his team (composed of amateurs) in junior high, was the mark of a true ace. Frustrated with his first round performance, thinking that because he was not good enough, he wasn't granted any pitching time in the 2nd round. After he arrives at Seidou, he quickly makes himself known for his stupidity, especially because of his strange antics and his mediocre knowledge about baseball. Sawamura fueled by Nori enters the 'mode' for the first time in this tournament to Miyuki's greatest pleasure and strikes out Ichidai's ace showing off his new back-door pitch. He was promoted from the second string to the first string for the Summer Tournament and then from there to the first string for the Fall Tournament. Boy, anyone would be scared out of their mind!" Amahisa even went as far as requesting to know the grip for the pitch as well as asking for Sawamura's Line contact afterwards, much to the dismay of the latter. Sawamura is a lean-built teenager of average height. Catching the ball flying back towards him Sawamura gets one out bringing Miyagawa to bat. Chris then taught him how to pitch low outside, telling him that this was the pitch he always wanted him to learn. Read Ace of Diamond: The Pitcher Returns - v2 Chapter 85 : Sawamura's Revenge (Tribute to Phantom Little) online free from your Mobile, PC at www.novelfull.in The total amount of the Numbers are unknown, but there are at least 11. Seidou wins. The first years start to get lively again and the one who created this mood is undoubtedly Sawamura. Originally unveiled in the practice game against Hakuryu, Sawamura's Splitter is a supplementary off-pace pitch for his Changeup and it's purpose is to get the batter to chase it as the Splitter is more difficult to differentiate from a fastball than a changeup due to the similar kind of spin it has to a straight fastball. Kataoka tells Sawamura to practice on his own and to avoid contact with the ball. So on top of the 2nd inning Sawamura stands on the pitching mound with the determination to live up to the expectations including those of his teammates on the bench. Sawamura laughs and apologizes for passing on the baton in a pinch. Sawamura throws an imperfect pitch and Kengo hits over the right fielder for a Double. Ochiai observes Sawamura before their game against Teito and asks if he wants to switch to sidearm pitching, thus suggesting becoming a practice pitcher for the team. [9][10], He treats his teammates depending on how they treat him. [38][39] This is further affirmed by Sawamura being able to consistently hit the same location of Okumura's mitt when the two do warm up before practice. About Diamond no Ace Ace of Diamond is a Japanese shnen baseball manga series by Yuji Terajima and published by Kodansha. By the top of the 4th, Sawamura gives up the first hit of the game and the runner gets advanced into scoring position. Seemingly affected by this fielding error Sawamura gives up a walk next. Sawamura witnesses Miyuki's clever game calling firsthand when he visits to watch Seidou's practice and is overwhelmed, secretly wishing to play baseball with someone as incredible as Miyuki in the future. When he found out that Sawamura was suffering from the yips, he was sure that Sawamura would get over it and become stronger from it. Seidou begins defense with Sawamura as the starting pitcher. While the first string members head out for a match, Furuya Satoru, a fellow first year, offers Sawamura to play catch with him. On top of the 2nd inning, Ichidais fourth batter, Hoshida, leads of. However, he's still grinding and doesn't seem to have hit his stride yet. Sawamura believed to be Chris uncommitted to the team and unhelpful to him, while Chris only saw Eijun as an immature and annoying underclassman. Sawamura's tense but after some difficulties, they manage to pull of a double play. The game ends after five innings and Sawamura doesn't get a chance to play. However, different from his impressive form at Senbatsu, Furuya struggled with command throughout the match and has to pitch under pressure after walking runners on base. With Nori out it's on him and Furuya to pitch this game. This pitch doesn't break irregularly while also appears to accelerate due to the lack of height drop and deceleration thanks to the high amount of spin Sawamura put on the ball. Fully capitalized on the swinging momentum and Furuya's struggle to command his pitches, Ichidai continued to land hits and quickly widen up their lead to 5 - 2 over Seidou. Seidou's regular players are switched in as pinch hitters and their efforts earned Seidou another run. Hakuryu scores 1 run in the 8th inning on a failed double play attempt by Seidou. I thought he was nothing more than just your run-of-the-mill relief pitcher, but I can't fathom him." -, "The spice called motivation gives birth to good synergy. Mima hits a Double on a fastball and put Hakuryu in an early scoring position. After Sensen takes back one run the team tries to lighten the mood so Sawamura can relax, but Miyuki only riles him up. Despite how hard Miyuki may be to deal with, Sawamura highly respects him and often does as he is told by Miyuki (despite resisting). So I don't want to be lectured by someone like you. Palmball, Sawamura Eijun is the protagonist of the series. Sawamura closes out the top of the 2nd inning cleanly with 3 ups and 3 downs. This may adversely affect his straight fastball if he continues to hone the pitch so he sealed it away to avoid that risk ever since until Sawamura demonstrated it to Okumura before the Semi Final of the Tokyo Prefecture Summer Tournament. Miyuki ends the game by hitting a walk-off HR. Is Diamond no Ace worth watching? The cast and staff will reprise their roles from the previous series, with Madhouse returning for animation production. Miyuki, who walked in on their conversation, gets angry and scolds Sawamura. After several attempts and defeats during practice matches, Chris is the one who tells him that his moving ball is the quality that defines him - his strong point. On top of the fifth, Seidou is up by eleven, hence, the game is called and they bag the win. Coach Raizou correctly assumes that Sawamura's pitch is a moving fastball. Together they score their first run of the game. Sawamura shakes off the sign understanding the batter, and wants to pitch to the inside. Kataoka tells Kanemaru to have Sawamura ice his shoulder properly. Furuya cleanly closes out the match and Seidou wins. Okumura wants to use Sawamura's No. [8] Understanding that he is viewed as a lesser pitcher than Furuya from his peers' perspective, Sawamura is always actively seeking new ways and information to improve himself so that he can one day be acknowledged by the team. For the first and last time those two form a battery and Sawamura learns firsthand what an amazing catcher Chris is. He is a left-handed pitcher who was promoted from the second string to the first string as No. They have the habit of checking each other's faults and even openly commenting on it. In the 9th inning Sawamura energetically entering the field as always and steps onto the mound entrusted with pitching this game till the end. Learning the changeup actually helped unseal Sawamura's breaking pitch potential. He is also surprisingly level-headed in critical situations, but can also be swayed negatively, causing his performance to drop. Diamond no Ace Act 2 anime, which is the second part of the popular baseball manga series, will be animated. Sawamura throws thinking that he hasn't done anything yet, but the pitch is too high for Miyuki to catch, and goes straight to the fence. Kataoka calls for a pitcher change. The umpire seems to be especially strict on high pitches, so Miyuki is making adjustments on the pitch calling and Sawamura finds his rhythm and he gets 3 ups 3 downs. With the batter cornered, Sawamura throws another revised splitter for the third pitch and it's a grounder to Kominato for the second out. Kataoka calls Furuya and pulls Sawamura out after asking Miyuki about Sawamura's condition. Kataoka chooses Sawamura as the starting pitcher, for the first time in the Tournament, as he notes that Kasuga Ichi's core lineup consists mainly of left handed batters which makes Sawamura, a southpaw, a better choice. His body is naturally flexible with supple joints, allowing him to immediately change the pitch's direction. Shirakawa is at bat next and battles it out with Sawamura, who starts to pitch harder. Seidou's opponent in the Semi Final was Ichidaisan High, one of Seidou's long time established rival in the same block. Ace Of Diamond Season 3 will come to a close in 2019 as we near the end of the road. Kataoka calls for a pitcher substitution. When Kataoka realizes what Sawamura is trying to do, he makes him stop immediately, because it would destroy his form and orders him to practice his outside pitch. Sanada hits Sawamura's cutter and it goes into center field. Sawamura was the captain of the Akagi Junior High baseball team. [23] Sawamura is seen sweating rather excessively and Kawakami wonders if it was because he has been going all out since the beginning. Sawamura tried out the 2-seam fastball within the Fall Tournament and displayed it to the coaches and his team mates before the match against Yakushi. But because of Miyuki's nasty personality and never ending teasing, Sawamura never shows him the same respect as the other senpais, instead treating him as someone of his own age. Sawamura started playing baseball because of. What sport is Diamond no Ace? With 2 outs, Sawamura retires Ouno in the 9th inning to closes the game. Chimaru hits the first pitch with a grounder to third caught by Kanemru and easily threw to Maezono at first for the first out. Other 1st string pitchers and catchers also took interest in this and gather altogether at Miyuki's room, as such Miyuki has been holding a "cram school" in the evening to pass down his expertise and experiences not only for Sawamura but other other pitchers and catchers as well.[27]. Hoshida come to the plate as his ace steps up to the bullpen wanting to go up to the mound one last time, the bitterness of that last point weighing heavy. In junior high nobody could do that. He gets through the 2nd inning without losing any runs. It doesn't take long until the first years are double digit runs behind and some of them start to give up. On his first day in the baseball training in Seidou High, Sawamura gets pranked by Miyuki Kazuya, but both get punished along with Eijun's roommates Kuramochi Youichi and Masuko Tooru. Rei and Chris observe them. After asking the coach to let him pitch during the ninth, Kataoka decides to send Furuya instead. In the 8th inning, Sawamura presumably retired Ichinose and faces Akashi for the final time. The one who created this mood is undoubtedly Sawamura, who gets not dejected after facing his roommate, Masuko in a battle of power and loses. Ichidai has always been my favorite rival team so I have been pumped about this for a while. The series has a total of 184 episodes, plus three OVAs. In his 2nd year, Sawamura is looking to learn more about game calling to have a better understanding of Miyuki's call in order to improve himself. After the coach has revoked Tanba's status as the ace, a match between the first years and their upperclassmen takes place[13]. During Furuya's pitching debut, Sawamura gets angry at Chris' constant melancholy and yells at him: "You're the one who has given up on returning to the first string. He says that his qualities as a pitcher are being tested. Bunt Master ( Banto Shbainin) Diamond No Ace Season 4: The Release Date The first Season of Diamond No Ace got premiered on 6 October 2013. . Seidou faces off against Maimon West High School in the West Tokyo qualifiers. Sawamura became by time a natural violent professional boxer with a tendency to foul when there was reason. Here are the rankings, result summaries in the comments, on Sunday we'll be starting the middle blocker popularity poll, can't wait. The first Season of Diamond No Ace got premiered on 6 October 2013. After polishing his pitch, the second string team has a practice match[15], which is the last chance for Sawamura to get into the first string.

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